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Two Piece

24 Item(s)

Two Piece

Sienna Poppy Brazilian
Night Tribe Strap Bikini
Marvie Black Brazilian
Teeny Black Marvie
Marvie White Reed
Thalia Mandy Indigo
Thalia Mandy Indigo

SALE $69.75

Thalia Sherbet Pin Up
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Thalia Sherbet Pin Up

SALE $67.50

Emma Grapefruit Daisy
Dash Cropped Bikini
Emma Mojito Daisy
Black Sienna Reed
Sienna Mamba High Waist
Poppy Marvie Daisy
Marvie Grapefruit Brazilian
Gold Rush Fringe Bikini
Thalia Daisy Black
Thalia Daisy Black

SALE $79.60

Enjoy Crop Bikini
Blackout Strappy Bikini
Leilani Seafoam Halter
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24 Item(s)

Set Descending Direction
A two-piece swimsuit is the most coveted style in this category, but let’s face it: two-piece bikinis can either be plain-Jane boring styles or jaw dropping fashionable pieces. We search the world to find two-piece swimsuits that are exclusive, high quality, stylish, and unique. We do this by cherry-picking innovative swimwear designers who specialize in creating two-piece swimsuits and swimwear with luxury and flair. Out there, in the beachwear world, you can get a two-piece swimsuit or bikini that may look unflattering or lack quality workmanship. At The Orchid Boutique we strive to only provide the crème de la crème in two-piece bathing suits, with gold hardware detail, unique and stylish cuts, hand-crafted details, luxury fabrics, and top-notch designs. Shop our unique selection of two-piece swimsuits and two piece bikinis today!