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What better way to stay protected and still look fabulous than with fashionable solid beach hats! When you’re going on vacation, this is a necessary accessory. You can easily find the one you’re looking for with of the wide variety of styles and colors that we offer. Choose from small to large, different patterns, designs, and vivid colored bands. The great thing about these hats is that they can go with all looks. Natural colors will complement any outfit you can think of. Instead detracting from your stunning swimsuit or cover-up, a hat will surely complete your look. Our hand-woven sombreros are made with incredible detail and care. It’s the ideal piece that you’ll need when you’re planning a vacation at a bright and sunny resort! It totally completes the tropical look and vibe of a picture perfect day. You’ll look stunning as you protect your skin and prevent wrinkles! The simple appearance of the hats is what makes them so timeless and classic. There’s a certain elegance to them that just eludes grace and beauty. But, you can get creative by adding your own touch of ribbons, flowers, or lace! Try tying them around the brim to show off your personality and style. This will definitely be an eye catcher and conversation starter as you strut along the beach. Solid beach hats are a must for any woman who plans to get some sun by the ocean. If you need to protect your skin, why not look fabulous doing it?