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Small Brim

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Small brim beach hats be worn by both women and men alike and come in a variety of colors, textures, and styles to choose from. Our selection of beach hats are so versatile, they will go with anything from neon colors to polka dots. They are a great way to accentuate most outfits by balancing the bottom and top of your look. These head pieces are also another trick to covering up that bad hair day or dye job. No one will suspect anything if your tresses are covered by a cute accessory. Small brim hats like fedoras are sported quite ordinarily by stars such as Kate Moss, Jessica Alba, and Ne-Yo. In addition, small brim beach hats are easier to function in and more practical than larger ones. Even though they may not provide you with full coverage, they are still resourceful when shielding your eyes and forehead from the sun. Just make sure to not solely rely on the small brim hats by lathering on some sunscreen and wearing sunglasses. Our wide selection of straw, resort and beach hats are perfect for a big day at the beach and they also keep you cool by controlling your head temperature. You can help yourself shop by narrowing down your selections on the left by choosing between colors, brim lengths, and styles. When in doubt, why not get two hats varying in brim length and color so that you can wear them every time you head to the beach, pool or outdoor party?