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Orchid Label

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Orchid Label

Ariana Lulu Black
Ariana Daisy Lioness
Luna Lulu Limoncello
Ariana Teeny Black
Ariana Lulu Limoncello
Ariana Daisy White
Ariana Teeny Cubic
Ariana Kara White
Mila Lulu White
Mila Daisy White
Mila Teeny Coral
Mila Piper Raspberry
Naty Piper Raspberry
Mila Teeny Multi
Dani White Monokini
Dani Black Monokini
Fefe Black Monokini
Fefe Cubic Monokini
Susie Cubic  Monokini
Mila Teeny Cubic
Marisa Lioness Monokini
Marisa Black Monokini
Lisa Reversible Monokini
Orchid Lioness Shorts
Orchid Lioness Kimono
Luna Teeny Black
Sienna Daisy Lioness
Luna Teeny Lioness
Sienna Piper Black
Marvie Kara Lioness
Raley Daisy Bikini
Luna Daisy Black
Sienna Daisy Limoncello
Sienna Teeny Limoncello
Raley Piper Bikini
Ariana Daisy Limoncello

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Orchid Label is our very own Orchid Boutique brand. With a series of solid styles in luxurious fabrics, trendy silhouettes, and affordable pricing under $100, Orchid Label provides a variety of options to mix and match your style - without breaking the bank. Orchid Label swimwear pieces are meant to be used in versatile ways, either together or as separates, and can be combined with resort wear, beach accessories, prints, and beaded pieces from our other designers. Our Orchid Label swimsuit designs are inspired by the current trends of the swimsuit season, but their solid colors and timeless cuts allow you to use these suits for years to come! The attention to detail and impeccable design are what make the Orchid Label stand out in the crowd. Whether you’re simple and classy or outgoing and fun, this versatile collection is perfect choice for every beach girl! Shop our 2015 Orchid Label collection at The Orchid Boutique today!