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Etcetera Hobo Bag
Caracas Woven Basket
London Tote
Sophia Black Tote
Jackie Black Tote
Ignition Hobo Bag
Zoey Brown Tote
Contagious Hobo Bag
Elizabeth Nude Jeweled Tote
Zoey Multi Tote
Elizabeth Pink Tote
Green Magic Pocket
Blue Magic Pocket
Yellow Magic Pocket
Victoria Python Tote
Madison Tote

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When you are planning a day at the beach, your trendy handbag is truly your best friend. You pack everything from your fashion magazine to your towel to your sunglasses. So not only does your bag need to be functional, but it needs to be beautiful. We never let fashion take a back seat when selecting our beach bag collection. Our assortment of unique handbags embodies what The Orchid Boutique is all about: fun, flirty prints that provide comfort and style. Our trendy handbag designers are a list of the best of the best, including exclusive handbag brands. Our selection represents high quality craftsmanship with hand-woven handbags that are designed with earth elements. These bags are perfect for the understated fashion lover because all of their pieces are produced in neutral colors. Not only are these pieces appropriate for more outings than just the beach, but they also match with any color and outfit. Shop from our unique handbags that come with bright colors and never-before seen prints, or our fully embroidered exclusive brand. Some brands we carry design their handbags in tropical Colombia where they pull inspiration from the colors of the rainforest. The prints on these chic handbags are wild, ranging from flowers to leaves to animal prints. Within each of their handbags, you’ll come across high quality fabrics, hand embroidered details and feminine designs. Most of our handbags are one-of-a kind and come with an inside pocket to safely hold on to your lady-like essentials. Say goodbye to the days of finishing around for your cell phone!