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Monde Bangle
Graham Sunset Leather Stud Wrap
Taupe Fabric Bangle
Mnyororo Bracelet
Chaplin Cuff
Yellow Wrap Bracelet
Indigo Fabric Bangle
Bibaka Bangle
Kikuku Bracelet
Fluo Multi
Fluo Pink
Turquoise Wrap Bracelet
Heishi Golden Bracelet

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Trendy bracelets are not just to be worn on a night out with the girls. We wear trends on the streets and take them straight to the sand! Depending on your sense of style, you can pair your beach outfit with a fashion bracelet that has beads, tassels, or animal-inspired trinkets. Trendy bracelets look amazing with printed, as well as solid suits. It can be your statement piece that takes your solids to a whole other level, or your seamless arm candy that completes your printed bikini’s look. Some of our most popular bracelets are trendy and have a small skull bead, a movement that has expanded from apparel to jewelry. We offer the ultimate brands for authentic beach accessories because of our careful eye for bright colors and unique beads. If you are more of a simple-chic type of fashionista, you’ll find love in our collection of dainty, gold or silver fashion bracelets. Less is more when you are feeling classy, and our fashion bracelets be the brand to fulfill your Audrey Hepburn-like needs. A great beach accessory options – they won’t leave you an un-wanted tan line – they are fabulously plated with gold or silver, you won’t have to worry about your bracelets being tarnished by the beaches winds and ocean water. They are also perfect for layering since they are so thin, a trend that is so hot right now! Enjoy the brand’s assortment of charms, from crosses, to flowers, to ohm symbols. Celebrities like Chelsea Handler, Kristin Cavallari and Kelly Osbourne wear Gorjana to the beach, dinner, the red carpet, and more.