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angie-today-showWe’ve got a special treat today: an interview with the lovely Angie from YouLookFab! Angie’s been in the fashion industry for over 16 years and now gives out fashion advice on her site and believes that “style is beyond size, age and price.” We’re honored to present you with Angie’s answers to our pressing fashion questions:

Swim Couture: What are your favorite new trends for winter 09/spring 2010?

Angie: For Winter ’09, I’m besotted with sheath dresses, voluminous pieces, slouch boots, fly away cardigans, stirrup leggings, menswear inspired clothing, moto jackets and non-patent handbags. Basically anything with an 80’s flavour captures my interest.  For Spring ’10, the resurgence of lower heel heights and lots of yellow tickles my toes.

SC: What are the worst new trends in your opinion?

Angie: I’m not fond of leg shortening ankle length pants, harem pants with sagging crotches and soaring 4 to 5 inch heels that look unnatural and are

SC: What colors and tones were prevalent during fashion week?

Angie: You’ll see all the colours in Fashion Week. There’s always a lot of black, grey and white with brights and soft pastels. It’s hard to pick out which are most prevalent.

SC: Are you a fan of plaid, and how long do you think this trend will

Angie: Yes! I love plaid skirts and pants and feel that they’re always in fashion as long as the styling is current and flattering.

SC: Are you a bikini or a one piece suit girl?

Angie: I’m a one piece gal for sure.

SC: What are your preferences when it comes to swimsuit style (color options, bandeau vs. triangle, Brazilian cut vs. full coverage, padded vs. unpadded, etc)?

Angie: I like a colourful one-piece swimsuit style that’s high-cut on the thigh and high-cut on the neckline with a super low back. I don’t mind padding as long as it looks natural. I love to match up my swimsuit with a transparent sarong and raybans.

Many thanks to Angie for taking our interview questions! Do you have any follow-up questions for Angie? Leave them in comments!

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With an expertise in fashion-forward style, Mayra loves getting dressed in the morning. She never wants to have a “bad-oufit” day, so she truly cares about what she puts on, and of course that includes swimwear!


  1. i don’t know if I’m into plaid… too shabby chic for me… but I love the statement jewelry trend that’s really hot right now!

    1. I agree Mandy! I can’t do plaid…it reminds me of my days in middle school when the whole Seattle grunge scene was big. I wore a lot of plaid in middle school…and I have no desire to relive that awkwardness!

          1. there are people who look great in bikinis, others in one pieces and others are lucky enough to pull off both, lucky them!

  2. I agree with the comment about the ankle length pants completely, they shorten you and make you look much more fuller figured than you really are.

  3. One shoulder pieces are coming in which is great and there isn’t so much emphasis on skimpy triangle bikinis. You can look fab without looking like you are going to fall out all over the place

  4. Im short so capris are pants for me….I see some nice ones at the store but then I think… I don’t to flood ..such a bummer.

  5. 4 to 5 inch heels that look unnatural and are
    uncomfortable MY GOd I’m soooo with you on this one. I hate Heels, never the less 5″ heels yuk. No

  6. definetly no everithing looks good…every body have a different type of body…but i agree went some one put a leggings under a dress in the cold weather…and looks faboulous

  7. YAY to all the one piece girls .. we can look just as good as the others check out the suits on this site and youll see what Im talking about

  8. I’ve never understood why ankle length pants were popular, they’re not flattering at all, regardless of how trendy!

  9. Nice comments ladies!

    Laura and Kennedy, you might like to look at how easy it is to pull together leggings outfits after reading this post:

    Once you’ve had children and can’t work out 7 days a week with a personal trainer, the one-piece bathing costume becomes your friend. I haven’t had children, turn 40 next year and look fine in a two-piece, but I feel stunning in a one piece suit. Chic, sophisticated and very comfortable. At the end of the day, you are as alluring as you feel :0)

    1. But sometimes you just don’t know if its you or not I need to stand there and really check it out before I venture out in any thing that I am not sure flatters my body

      1. why? as long as you know your body and buy appropiate clothes that make you feel good, the last piece of the puzzle is the confidence

  10. We’ve all seen those ladies and gentlemen on the street wearing couture…but not wearing it well. You have to make it your own.

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