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Friday, July 31, 2015

The Top 10 Trends You’ll Be seeing in 2016 Swimwear Collections

Well, 2016 Swim Week has come to a close!  It's always a blur of a week: the sights, the sounds, the shows, the food and drinks, and of course, the bikinis!  And, just like every year, we are left a bit fatigued but dazzled by the excitement of the 2016 swimwear collections to be released in the upcoming months.  Now, it's time to think about the trends we can all expect to see once these new collections arrive.   High-Neck Crop Tops Last year, we saw this uber cute retro style creeping up here and there, but it had not yet reached its trend peak.  Well, this year, it is without a doubt, going to be EVERYWHERE in swimwear.  Designer brands like Mara Hoffman 2016 Swimwear (pictured far right) have got this look down to a tee.  The greatest part about this trend?  Throw on ...