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Wide Brim

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We love wide brim hats due to their Southern romantic feel. It is our go-to accessory when producing Orchid fashion shows. Big Brim hats are the easiest and most classy way to give a little extra oomph to any bikini, dress, or resort wear. Not to mention that big brim straw hats are very practical for staying safe from the sun. For days when the sun is just too strong and sunscreen and sunglasses aren’t enough, it’s time to throw on a cute cap. Sun damage causes premature wrinkles, brown spots, sagging and melanoma. Doesn’t sound like fun to me. Not to mention that the face, ears and neck are the most common spots for skin cancer. Wearing big brim beach hats fully covers these areas, keeping you safe in the sun while still looking good. You can tie a cute ribbon on your hat to match your bikini and have a new look with each outfit. Sounds like a win-win to us! Celebrities like Bethenny Frankel, Sofia Vegara, Denise Richards, and Jessica Alba are constantly staying cool in their big brim straw hats on vacations or simply running errands. Pairing wide brim hats with tunics and dresses are the best because they are the most carefree and stylish ways to go. We have a variety of hats in various colors, styles, and from a bunch of designers. If you need any hat advice, don’t hesitate to call us for some styling suggestions.